Friday, March 16, 2012

Technology Assessment & Planning

Nexwrx is dedicated to providing next generation technology to start-ups, incubators and home-based, small or online businesses in the development stages. Budgets matter in companies and we keep this in mind. Whether you are a newly found business or are a NPO, School or organization that is looking to branch out into distance learning or technology based environments and just don’t know where to start.

We will work with you to assess your current Web and technology platforms, network, mobile applications and hosting support to create a customized technology plan. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate where you are, where you want to be and how you will get there. The secondary purpose is to make you aware of alternative, economic, high-performance solutions. You can focus on your business with confidence that you have technology solutions in place that will help you reach your organization’s goals.

Nexwrx offers the following services:
  • Technology Planning
  • Application, Software or Product Design & Development
  • Implementation Planning
  • Technology Budget
  • Co-ordination between designing, creativity & latest technological developments
  • Internet advice

Scope of a Development Plan

Step 1: Define Current Technology Needs and StrategyNexwrx will assess your company needs. By gathering requirements, conducting focus groups or interviewing employees, we can learn what capabilities and features they need to do their jobs. We will review work-flow procedures to further understand the user requirements and your current business conditions. We will help your organization to identify the constraints, such as budget, that may impact your purchases. We will help establish the operational metrics associated with your IT environment. Set goals for computer server performance, network availability and software application reliability.

Step 2: Identify Requirements - the owners and stakeholders identified in the technology strategy are asked to do a needs assessment, evaluate the current state of technology and create success measures. We will help you choose a technology platform that can grow and change with your company and supports your strategic objectives. Nexwrx will implement the use of templates, tools and resources provided by Websites, such as the SCORE Website, to help you decide how much you can spend on technology investments.

Step 3: Evaluate and Test Software and Hardware Products  -  Nexwrx will evaluate software and hardware products according to your needs. Ensure that any software you purchase is compatible with your hardware technology solution platform. (Hardware and Software Testing Templates)

Step 4: Implement and Train - After you have developed, purchased and updated technology, it is time to deploy technology and train employees on how to use it. This step involves setting up the systems, communicating the change to your organization and providing training. It is important to align these efforts with the original strategy and success measures to make sure you are on target as the implementation stage unfolds. (Download Implementation and Training Plan)

Step 5: Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan - It happens. But having backup solutions and measures in place when technology failure occurs is the best possible solution. Nexwrx will develop a disaster recovery plan to cope with emergencies. If you depend on your technology to run your business every day of the week, you may need to establish a backup site so that you can run your operation in another location in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. (View tips on Disaster Recovery)

Step 6: Arrange Support Services - We will arrange for support services, such as installation, upgrades and troubleshooting for your business technology solutions. Ensuring that operations such as accounting, sales, inventory, order fulfillment and shipping can proceed without disruption during maintenance. Nexwrx will help you to establish a robust security plan to ensure company data is protected. Provide training and support to your employees. Nexwrx ensures additions to your IT environment integrate well with existing software and hardware. (View Our Support Options)

Step 7: Maintain Technology & Establish Policy Procedures  - Maintaining Technology by keeping software and hardware up-to-date, you can ensure that your technology and business run smoothly. Establish a policy and procedure guideline for employees to follow when requesting new hardware and software. (Download Policy Procedures Template)


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