Sunday, December 2, 2012

Client Side Support

Cloud Based, or In House-Client-side refers to operations that are performed by the client in a client–server relationship in a computer network. Typically, a client is a computer application, such as a web browser, that runs on a user's local computer or workstation and connects to a server as necessary. If operations can be performed by the client, without sending data over the network, they may take less time, use less bandwidth, and incur a lesser security risk.

Programs that run on a user's local computer without ever sending or receiving data over a network are not considered clients, and so the operations of such programs would not be considered client-side operations.

When the server serves data in a commonly used manner, for example according to the HTTP or FTP protocols, users may have their choice of a number of client programs (web browsers can request and receive data using both of those protocols). In the case of more specialized applications, programmers may write their own server, client, and communications protocol, that can only be used with one another.

A list of some of the client-side services that Nexwrx can provide:

  1. Analyzes and/or resolves hardware, software, and application problems for all network or stand-alone computer systems and network resources. 
  2. Monitors computer systems, networks, and applications for response time, problem prevention, performance and resource utilization. 
  3. Coordinates the resolution of network hardware, software and application problems between technical, support and customer personnel. 
  4. Reports hardware failures to the appropriate vendors via telephone or on-line systems. 
  5. Trains users in operating systems, computer language, application programs, utilities and hardware operation. 
  6. Analyzes problems, and designs technical solutions to specific user needs. 
  7. Researches and acquires knowledge of computer hardware and software available to users. 
  8. Assists users apply computer training to work environment. 
  9. Creates technical documents and computer training materials for end-users.
Nexwrx performs customer support duties that include assisting and training of clients for enterprise, client/server and desktop computer systems and networks. The duties include working directly with customers to advise and train in the use of hardware, application software or networks.


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