Sunday, December 2, 2012

Solutions for Home

Home Technology Solutions

Refers to the home electronics dedicated to providing residential requirements for communications, entertainment, convenience and security.

Next generation phone systems such as videophones and VOIP polycom phones can be installed for state of the art communication. Video conferencing via web cam are also popular choices in communication for a home based business or staying in touch with friends and family.

A home computer networking system allows connection of multiple computers for sharing information and peripherals (i.e. printers, etc.).  One of the advantages of an in-home network is to share one common internet service provider; DSL modem or cable modem.  Multiple computers connected to the internet at the same time will provide a convenience and flexibility the whole family will enjoy.

Nexwrx can implement a media center for audio/video enjoyment throughout the home.  Media servers or media storage over a shared network is a nice convenience for the whole family. All members of the family can share and access media and view through a browser over high definition televisions, wifi devices, laptops, smartphones  or desktop computers. Nexwrx can help implement these modern conveniences into your home.

Nexwrx can deploy home electronics for communications, entertainment and security. Nexwrx can help install, configure and secure popular devices for shared access.  Custom services include design, prewire and installation of structured cabling systems for telephone, computer networking and video, security systems, multi-room audio systems, home theater, and systems integration.


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