Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Custom Overview

Nexwrx designs custom media packages for the home and small business.  Since each client needs are different we will have to quote for our pricing.

Some of our Custom Media Packages include:

  • Communications Server - Video VOIP Telephony and Conferencing Solution.  Learn more.
  • Video Web Broadcasting Server - Video Conferencing via a IP Camera via web browser.  Learn more.
  • Collaboration, Document Management and Email Server - using Zimbra and Alfresco software solutions to manage your organization's media and email.  Learn more.
  • Audio Streaming Broadcast Server - Stream live concerts and events, podcasts, internet radio and manage media from very own server.  Learn more
  • NAS Storage Server - Network Attached Storage for document and media organization on a cloud.  Learn more
  • Pre-Built LAMP w/ FTP - Includes BIND, DNS and SMTP Only Email Solutions.  Learn More.


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