Sunday, December 2, 2012

Windows Hosting

Setting up Windows servers, applications, hosting and server environments for home and business.

Many people think they need to get Windows Hosting because their desktop computer is Windows. Not so. A Windows Server is different from a Windows Desktop and most of your interaction with your web server will be through FTP or a web interface.

When choosing to have a new server installed you want to make sure it will be one that will be easily supported. This means that it should both run on widely used hardware and run an industry standard operating system. Windows Servers are currently the predominate choice among businesses worldwide. The top 3 companies in server hardware sales worldwide are Dell, IBM, and HP.

Nexwrx can provide your firm with a Windows Server 2008 installation, configuration, management, migration, and support. We are a registered partner with Dell and specialize in Dell equipment for companies that prefer a Windows Network with features including, remote access, centralized storage, system backups, collaborative calendaring and tasking, centralized management of virus protection  and can provide ongoing support for your server environment.

When differentiating between hosting sites, an important issue to focus on is the operating system of the server. This is similar, in a way, to the operating system of a personal computer. Windows server is compatible with the Windows operating system on desktops/laptops.

Microsoft proprietary software and object oriented language such as .NET Framework, ASP and MS SQL (database) are used to create dynamic and engaging websites. They are primarily Microsoft products, and exhibit unreliable performance on Linux servers, a crucial issue for some companies that use Microsoft software to create their websites.

For example, Visual Studio,  web design and application building software, is only compatible with Windows operating system. You will need Visual Studio to create .NET and .ASP applications. The server needed to run these applications also has to be compatible with the scripting language and software used to build it. Therefore, you have to use a Windows server to run it.

Windows is simple in its layout and design. Keeping its focus toward the average user, so, just about any web design team, regardless of experience with servers and web hosting, can use it. Windows is an powerful operating system for web servers, providing the necessary capabilities that companies look for when choosing web-hosting sites. This power also comes with an expense.

Although Linux leads the world in web hosting, the rise of Windows-based websites has led many web-hosting sites to add servers with Windows operating system or simply convert some of the servers on their network to Windows to accommodate this shift in the market.

Another option would be Windows hosting or Managed Services on a Windows Virtual Private Server that would be able to handle the demands of your business without having to purchase expensive equipment. Only pay for what you use.  Please see our Hosting Options Package for more details.


Windows hosting. allows maximum compatibility with windows based software; the hosting services have exclusively been designed for this purpose. It also allows hardware to function at its best in a Windows setting.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting company for any hosting plans you might need.

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