Monday, December 3, 2012

Fax via Email

Fax to Email Service Fax service straight to your email

Internet fax, e-fax, or online fax is a general term which refers to the use of the Internet to send a document fax, rather than using only phone networks (traditional faxing) with a fax machine. The term "Internet fax" encompasses "web fax" and "email fax," along with VoIP fax, which refers to the use of Voice over IP to send a fax. However, Internet fax should not be confused with IP fax.

Advantages of using the Internet fax:

  • no hardware; no software
  • no extra telephone line required for fax
  • paperless communication, integrated with email
  • the ability to send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • a reduction in phone costs, along with lower costs than traditional fax
  • the ability to send and receive faxes from any location that has Internet access
  • the ability to send and receive faxes from mobile phones, smartphones and tablets
Replace your bulky old fax machine with a fast, eco-friendly, paper-free solution. Send and receive faxes over the Web, using your own unique fax number. Incoming faxes go directly to your email inbox; you send outgoing faxes right from your email.  


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