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Managed Services

Managed Services

Our managed Linux server hosting option is a secure, hassle-free solution to running Linux. Nexwrx can preform security updates, manage your operating system, and maintain your web application.  Linux is popular because of its features. Dedicated Linux Servers provide inherent support for scripting and programming languages such as PHP Perl, and Python. The Apache Web Server is a robust, highly configurable program that can host complex and power web sites. In conjunction with MySQL, Apache can host database rich applications including popular web content management systems (WCMS or Web CMS) such as WordPress.

We do support Windows dedicated server hosting but prefer Linux and unless the application or software our client uses is dependent upon Windows, we will use Linux.
As the name implies, managed hosting refers to the hosting plans that are administered by the hosting service provider. In the web hosting market, the prices for managed hosting packages vary from $25 per month to over hundreds of dollars per month. The low end managed hosting plan generally employs VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting while the high end managed hosting plan is often an upgraded version of a dedicated hosting plan. Since the price range is huge, it is very important to understand what services and features you should expect from these managed hosting plans.

What is "Fully Managed Hosting"?

The phrase "Fully Managed" or "Full-featured hostingis a term used to describe a web hosting plan that is fully managed while others might think that the technical support they receive from hosting firms is not sufficient.  In fully managed hosting plan, your website will be monitored on a regularly basis. Which means you don't have to worry about server downtimes and other technical issues.

There are also "partial managed web hosting" plans in the market. For these plans, your websites are still monitored by the staff from your web hosting provider. However, the end users are also required to perform some administrative functions for maintaining their websites. In this situation, end users will have more control over their own servers.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is especially good for small to medium sized business firms since it is very costly to hire a full-time in-house webmaster to maintain their websites. Since maintaining a business website for maximum uptime is very important nowadays, managed hosting would be the perfect solution for business to outsource the technical demand to the professionals from the web hosting firms. Although managed web hosting plans are much more costly than shared web hosting plans, you save a great of deal of resources and time on maintaining your website. The savings you acquire can definitely enable your business to outperform your competitors.  Learn more about Managed Services vs In House


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