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Audio and Video Solutions

Setting up audio and video equipment, installation of hardware and software, ip based technology for small businesses, organizations or the home.

We can turn any size presentation or meeting space into a completely customized audio visual experience for corporate conferencing, training and events. We help you select equipment and services that fit into your budget and meet your unique requirements so the end result is a corporate audio visual system that puts you a step beyond the competition.

Multipurpose Auditorium A large-venue projector, a document camera, microphones and multiple speaker sets can be installed to transform auditoriums and accommodate a full range of audio and video performances.  American Hi-Res can design and build large scale audio visual systems to suit any size auditorium or large corporate facility. Our custom auditorium audio visual systems use the latest technologies and controls to accommodate training, entertainment and company presentations at the touch of a button.

Cafeteria Audio Video Systems - We can turn your cafeteria into an interactive and enjoyable place for employees to spend down-time. Display messages and corporate information or broadcast television through customized audio visual systems in your cafeteria to increase employee morale and productivity. We can also create AV systems for your restaurant or bar areas.

Training Room - We provide a comprehensive range of audio/visual equipment needed to support any course material that may be presented during training sessions, and to ensure that trainees can interact and collaborate easily and effectively.

Classroom - Through state-of-the-art technology, a teacher's ability to communicate and reach out to students has been greatly enhanced, engaging and involving everyone in the classroom as never before. We can equip numerous classrooms, computer labs, even auditoriums with video and voice systems that take learning to a whole new level.

AV Asset Management - Large campuses require special communications systems management needs. We provide the ability to manage all the AV devices throughout large facilities with hundreds of rooms — all from any computer connection on the network.

Operations Center - Having operations centers equipped with state-of-the-art responsive monitoring command and control systems are vital to the day-to-day functions of businesses, government entities and the military.

Multi Room Audio / Video For the Home

Music in different rooms for different people. That’s the simple concept of Multi-room audio. You choose the rooms, you choose the music or video source, and you're Multi-Room system deliver it to in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, inside or outside, in any number of rooms you choose.  Our Multi-Room products allow you to control a central audio-video system from any room in your home or office from elegant keypads, Touchscreens, or ergonomic remote controls.

We offer several multi-room solutions for all types of needs and budgets. Whether it's single or multiple sources to single or multiple rooms, we can design and install a system to enhance every lifestyle. Multi-Room systems can also be integrated with other systems in the house like Security, in order to monitor your home, or Communications, which allows for house-wide paging through your phone system.   

If you are looking for more control of your system, fully programmable LCD Touchscreens offer you almost limitless capabilities. These Touchscreens can be programmed specifically for your system and your requirements. Touchscreens such as those from RTI and NetStreams allow for music sources such as iPods and Digital Music Servers to show their graphics right on the screen, including album cover art. In addition, some of them are even Web enabled, which will allow you to surf the Internet or check your e-mail right on the Touchscreen. You could also look at Web enabled security cameras or even Streaming video from a Website!

Multi-Room Controllers products from such manufacturers as NetStreams can integrate with such devices lighting control and security cameras. From any of the Touchscreens, you can monitor up to 4 cameras simultaneously, or choose any one of the 4 cameras for individual monitoring. These Touchscreens can also be integrated into a Home Automation system at any point. Whether it's used for basic lighting control/automation or to control several systems within the home, Touchscreens are becoming a highly preferred and increasingly cost effective alternative.

The quality of sound from today's in-wall and in-ceiling speakers rivals that of  conventional boxed-type loudspeakers and can be as, or even more, economical.  We carry a wide variety of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for your Multi-Room system.  In-wall and in-ceiling speaker blend seamlessly into most environments. Most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have paintable grills which allows you to color match them to the wall or ceiling, making them even less visible. In the past few years, Dual-stereo in-ceiling speakers like those from Atlantic Speaker Technology have become quite popular as they give you the benefits of stereo sound from one single speaker.  


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