Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sin Chocolate ECommerce

For almost 30 years, Suzanne Casey has been making handmade chocolate goodies. What started out as a PTA project while her children were in elementary school, has turned into a booming business. Based in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Casey wanted to bring access to her Chocolates to the world. So in November, Nexwrx sat down with Casey and her daughter Christie, who is taking over the family-ran business, to establish an e-commerce system.

We chose Prestashop as the shopping cart system because of its robust features and integrated merchant services and shipping system. We are very happy with the progression of this project and will be branding their social media in the next week.

After 4 weeks of holiday stressed endurance, we are very excited to give birth to Although we are still working on the shipping features and extending our store to international markets, Sin Chocolates online store is open for business.

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