Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Smart Homes

Smart Homes and Commercial Buildings

A Smart Home or Building is a home or building, usually a new one, that is equipped with special structured wiring to enable occupants to remotely control or program an array of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command. For example, a homeowner on vacation can use a Touchtone phone to arm a home security system, control temperature gauges, switch appliances on or off, control lighting, program a home theater or entertainment system, and perform many other tasks.

The field of home automation is expanding rapidly as electronic technologies converge. The home network encompasses communications, entertainment, security, convenience, and information systems.

A technology known as Powerline Carrier Systems (PCS) is used to send coded signals along a home's existing electric wiring to programmable switches, or outlets. These signals convey commands that correspond to "addresses" or locations of specific devices, and that control how and when those devices operate. A PCS transmitter, for instance, can send a signal along a home's wiring, and a receiver plugged into any electric outlet in the home could receive that signal and operate the appliance to which it is attached.

Nexwrx is a consultant for Smart home/Commercial Building installation and integration. We will work inside your budget to support and install all of your smarthome devices. We will use licensed and professional installers working with our design team to ensure that your state of the art technology is implemented properly.  Let us know what you want in terms of technology and we will find the best possible solution to make your dreams come true.


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